First and Last

Not Safe for Work Content, 18+ Adults Only

First and Last was my first publication in the Awkward Sex Zine, a charity zine run for

This story is incredible personal to me, about my first sexual experience. It was a struggle to tell this story in the allotted four pages and a lot of context got left out, but it was still an important story to convey. I'm proudest that by publishing this comic, I helped other young people understand that being asexual means you are not broken, and you are not alone.

Ace in the Dungeon

Not Safe for Work Content, 18+ Adults Only

As seen on Oh Joy Sex Toy!

Ace in the Dungeon was a guest comic I did for Erika Moen's Oh Joy Sex Toy. It's a journal comic detailing my first experience in a kinky dungeon party as an Asexual Vanilla person in a committed relationship. The assignment required I reduce my story down into five pages so a lot of dialogue and segments of the party didn't make it in, but I'm proud with what I've done and the story I've managed to tell. This was my second official publication, and an especially exciting one since I've been a fan of Erika Moen and her work for years.

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